Job seekers who invest a bit of time preparing for a hiring event are much more likely to find work through these events. Susie Sochowski, HR Manager with Sanjel Energy Services, recommends researching the employers that you know you want to meet with at a hiring event.

“Come prepared. Know what the company does, where it has its operations, and how it develops and trains employees. Demonstrating your knowledge and interest in a company reflects positively on you and helps you stand out,” says Susie.

Job seekers should also be ready to answer some basic questions about their own interests and values to help employers assess if you are a good fit for their company and the role(s) they are recruiting for. Share honestly to ensure the best fit. For example, some people prefer to work with data, while others prefer heavy equipment or working with tools. You may be a better fit for a different role. Exchanging this important information with the recruiter helps them match you where you will be most valuable and most engaged.

Employers also have other expectations of the job seekers they meet at hiring events. The strongest candidates clearly show that they want to learn, be part of a team, and to be challenged.

“And in our industry, you are not afraid of what Mother Nature throws your way. But above all, you are safe! And you want to work for a company who puts the safety of their employees first and foremost!” Says Susie, who has participated in several Bridging the Gap sector hiring events by Careers in Energy.

Knowing you’ve done your homework on the employers and determined you are a good fit for the industry and companies at the event, will also help you to feel relaxed and confident.

Susie says job seeker preparation is obvious by the questions job seekers ask when they meet at a hiring event. “It’s appreciated when a job seeker can point out aspects of their education, experience, skills or interests that are relevant for the jobs that I’m recruiting for at the event.”

Preparing to meet employers – stand out from the crowd!

In advance of the event – Determine if you are a good fit for the industry, company and available roles:

  • Learn about the industry featured at the hiring event. Bridging the Gap hiring events feature a variety of employers with available jobs in the energy services sector.
  • Visit the websites of participating employers to learn what they do, where they operate, major projects, recent news, and jobs they have available.
    • Write down your questions.
  • Register for the hiring event and check for any resources or pre-event requirements. For example, Careers in Energy invites job seekers to complete the Job Seeker Survey which helps employers prepare to meet you!
  • Print copies of your resumé to give to employers that request it at the event. Ensure your name, email and phone number are included. If they request you submit your resumé online, be sure to note the website URL and upload it as soon as possible after the event when your name is fresh in the minds of recruiters.
    • Consider working with an employment agency or career counsellor to review your resumé to ensure details relevant to the job types or industry featured at the hiring event are highlighted.

At the event – Prioritize the employers you want to meet:

  • Quality connections are more important than the number of employers you give your resumé to. Introduce yourself to the employer or recruiter and tell them what role you are interested in and why you think you’re a good fit. Ask questions from the short list you developed during your pre-event research.
  • The employer will let you know what any next steps are. Make notes and follow up on time if you are invited to do so.

Register now for our upcoming energy services sector hiring events in the Bridging the Gap series, and start preparing to meet – and impress – your next employer!


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