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Nitrogen Operator

Job Overview

You can handle it. The extreme cold that is. Not just a cold winter, but rather the extreme low temperature of nitrogen. As in -197° C. You know all about cryogenics; in other words, you’re used to dealing with materials at extremely low temperatures. Your job is to set up, operate and maintain equipment used to generate and supply nitrogen at well sites. With a nitrogen tank in hand and your face shield securely in place, you’re pumped to get pumping.

Nitrogen may be pumped into wells to help stimulate production, test pressure or displace well fluids to assist with cleaning the well, initiate oil or gas flow and maintain pressure in reservoirs. Nitrogen is used in the drilling, completions, workover and abandonment of wells due to its low density and high pressure characteristics.

Nitrogen operators must be able to transport equipment to and from the well location, safely rig in and operate the equipment, perform day-to-day inspections, servicing and maintenance of equipment, and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time. They are required to load and unload nitrogen and know the characteristics of nitrogen and cryogenics.

Transferability information for this occupation is available on the Oil and gas well services operators career.

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