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Cementing Operator

Job Overview

Despite the flurry of activities and loud rumble of the cement pump and bulk truck, cementing operators are focused. As a cementing operator, your mastery is cementing well casings. You strive for cementing perfection. Your job is to ensure that the steel pipe or casing in a wellbore doesn’t move! You’re in the zone.

As a member of the oilfield services team, Cementing operators operate the equipment used to pump cement into an oil or gas well that secures the steel pipe or casing and provides structural integrity to the wellbore. The cement also prevents the transfer of liquids from the wellbore into groundwater.

Cement operators perform calculations to determine the amount of cement mix and additives required, using the depth, pressure, volume of cement required and specific purpose in their calculations.

They must be able to transport equipment to and from the well location, safely rig in and operate the equipment, perform day-to-day inspections, servicing and maintenance of equipment, and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time.

Transferability information for this occupation is available on the Oil and gas well services operators career.

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