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Join Not your grandpa’s energy industry podcast hosts Lisa Stephenson and Tamara Gale for the fifth and final episode in a new 5-part series featuring energy workers as they share their Day in the Life stories. Get a glimpse into the diverse career opportunities within Canada’s energy sector.

This Day in the Life podcast episode welcomes Rene Bourque, Indigenous Relations Lead for West Earth Sciences Ltd. From a career as an Olympic hockey medalist to building relationships with First Nations communities across Western Canada, Rene’s career path demonstrates the importance of transferable skills in the energy industry and how they can come from vastly different industries.

Listen as Rene shares his journey from a young Métis boy practicing with his junior hockey league team to establishing foundations of trust with Indigenous communities.

Be sure to check out Rene’s full Day in the Life story in our blog section!

The Careers in Energy podcast series, “Not your grandpa’s energy industry” is your source for knowledge about Canada’s energy industry, labour market, careers and more — with a modern twist.

Join hosts, Lisa Stephenson and Tamara Gale, to explore today’s energy industry in Canada – what’s changing, what’s coming and how it’s no longer your grandpa’s energy industry. Listen to “Not your grandpa’s energy industry” wherever you enjoy your podcasts and watch more podcast highlights on

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