• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Indigenous Relations Specialist
  • NOC #41403

Indigenous Relations Specialist

Job Overview

Indigenous relations specialists are the tie that binds energy companies to Indigenous communities and leaders. In Canada, these communities often have a special, traditional and unique legal relationship to the land that energy companies work on or would like access to. These professionals work with both sides to try to build relationships between and find win-win solutions for everyone involved.

Indigenous people in Canada have a special, traditional and unique legal relationship to the land. Energy companies often work on treaty lands or lands that have Indigenous rights, claims and active Indigenous communities. Indigenous relations specialists work with Indigenous communities and leadership to foster and maintain relationships between the company and Indigenous communities.

An Indigenous relations specialist may, or may not, work within a larger team depending on company size and structure. They make management aware of the Government’s Indigenous consultation policies and requirements, and ensure the company fulfills its regulatory consultation obligations. Within some companies, Indigenous relations specialists provide leadership and support in a wide range of responsibilities including Indigenous business development initiatives, managing relationships with partners, supporting inclusive recruitment, and supporting the development of strategies that promote Indigenous inclusion on projects.

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