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Automation Engineer

Job Overview

Think of driverless cars or automatic doors. To you, that’s all in a day’s work in the world of automation engineering – processes and instruments behaving exactly as they should be based on electrical signals and mechanical responses. In the energy industry, technology continually evolves and increasingly, equipment contains more automated components. That puts your skills to the test.

The energy industry uses sophisticated systems to monitor, measure and control oil and natural gas wells, facilities and pipeline operations. The control and measurement of all ‘mission-critical’ processes is fundamental to business and environmental performance, economics and safety.

Automation engineers analyze the automated control requirements of process, electrical, instrument and mechanical equipment to design these systems. Engineers in this specialty design the automated system, choose the appropriate technology and suppliers for the engineering, and manage the system’s installation through to completion.

Automation engineers ensure that systems run smoothly and safely, production is maximized, regulatory requirements and internal standards of measurement are compliant, and costs are kept in check.

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