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Civil Engineering Technologist

Job Overview

Structured and well-grounded in math and sciences. That’s you. As a civil engineering technologist, you help engineers with planning, designing, constructing a wide variety of facilities. That could include production, transportation or refining. From tailings ponds to refineries, wherever the engineer is needed, as a technologist or technician you have a role to play.

Civil engineering technologists assist engineers in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a wide variety of facilities. These facilities may include production plants, pumping and compressor stations, pipelines, storage facilities, tanks and reservoirs, oil and gas well sites, offshore drilling and production rigs and oil sands surface mining sites.

Typical roles in this occupation include:
>Civil construction engineering technologists oversee construction projects, which includes developing work plans and estimates, selecting contractors and inspecting and reporting on projects.
>Mining or tailings civil engineering technologists provide technological services for surface water hydrology and hydraulics, drainage, flood control, water supply, dam and industrial water or wastewater process design.
>Materials and geotechnical technologists design, test and apply the use of materials such as rock, soil, concrete, steel, timber, asphalt, metals and polymers to engineering construction projects.
>Drafting/CADD/3D modeling technologists create conceptual and detailed engineering designs, drawings and calculations for a variety of structures.
>Survey technologists develop survey and mapping standards. They also inspect survey contractor work and review survey findings.

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