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Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operator

NOC #84101

  • Environment Primarily outdoor work
  • Education High school diploma
  • Average salary $54,000 to $86,000

Career profile

Fracking and acidizing pump operators operate a stimulation process to improve the productivity of wells in oil and gas formations that are difficult to bring into production. They transport equipment to and from the well location, safely rig in and operate the equipment, perform day-to-day inspection, servicing and maintenance of equipment, and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time.

Fracking pump operators operate equipment to pump fluids carrying sand or other materials into the well with enough pressure to crack the rock formation and release the oil or gas. The fluids are pumped back out of the well while the sand is left behind to hold open the cracks in the rock formation and allow oil and gas to flow.

Acidizing pump operators pump acids into the rock formation to increase its permeability. Acids can also be used to remove scaling that otherwise prevents oil and gas from flowing into the well. Acidizing pump operators often conduct a series of acid compatibility tests to look for iron, acid strength and sludge in the formation.

Oil and gas services

In this occupation activities may include:

  • Practicing all health, safety and environment (HSE) practices and guidelines
  • Performing the rig-up and rig-down on a location and preparing equipment for a job
  • Assisting or performing the pre-job and post-job equipment inspection
  • Monitoring gauges to adjust the density, pressure and rates of fluids
  • Operating equipment to perform services on the job site
  • Collecting the data required to control fracking operations


A high school diploma (or equivalent) is typically required. Basic mechanical skills and heavy hauling or off-road driving experience are assets.


  • Standard and emergency first aid
  • Oilfield Driver Awarness
  • H2S Alive
  • Transportation of Dangerous goods (TDG)


  • Class 1 licence (with air brake endorsement) and a clean driving record

Additional Requirements

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment physical assessment and drug test
  • Minimal or no travel
  • Shiftwork/variable work hours
  • Primarily outdoor work
  • Physical work
  • Safety-sensitive environment
  • Work away from home/in camps

You bring a strong mechanical aptitude and ability to handle pressure…literally.

  • Mechanics
  • Public safety and security
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Selecting equipment
  • Monitoring operations
  • Controlling operations
  • Critical thinking
  • Analyzing systems
  • Service orientation
  • Troubleshooting