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  • NOC #8412

Bulk Plant Operator

Job Overview

You follow a recipe: measure, mix, stir and blend a ton of this and a ton of that. You ensure the smooth operation of a bulk plant, including maintaining inventory and mixing bulk products for swift and efficient delivery to oil and gas well sites. Your plant is a hub for raw materials seamlessly coming and going.

Bulk plant operators are employed in a bulk plant, a facility that houses pressure vessels or silos containing various blends of chemicals, drilling fluids, cement, additives and acids used in the energy industry. Bulk plant operators are responsible for ensuring the blending of chemicals and other materials is accurate and processed in appropriate amounts. They assist with maintaining a sufficient raw material inventory. They also ensure the plant is in good working order so that the blending of materials can be completed and the products delivered to a work site in a systematic and organized manner.

Bulk plant operators must be precise in measuring components used in the mixing and blending operations. Calculating quantities, volumes and weights is an essential part of the job, as is following the company’s mixture requirements.

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