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Solids Control Technician

Job Overview

Solids control is a technique used on a drilling rig to separate the solids produced by crushed drill bits and other debris from drilling fluids or mud. You’re a solids control technician, but some days, you’re part electrician, part millwright, part chemist, and part customer service representative. You wear many hats, all required to support drillers to be able to reuse drilling fluids.

Solids control technicians operate equipment to separate out particles, debris and other solids that are crushed by the drill and carried to the surface. The separation allows the drilling fluids to be reused in the drilling process. The separation process is carried out over stages involving multiple types of processes and equipment. Solids control technicians work with other well services members at the drilling site. They are also responsible for maintaining the solids control equipment and ensuring the treatment of drilling fluids complies with environmental regulations.

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