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Mining Engineer

Job Overview

You’re a bedrock for success when it comes to the oil sands. As a mining engineer you are behind the planning, designing, organization and development of oil sands open pit mines. Your foresight, ingenuity and leadership makes you a critical resource for oil sands companies, both for long-range planning and for day-to-day mining activities. Meeting production targets is your mission.

Mining engineers plan, design and organize the development and post-development of mines, mine facilities, systems and oil sands mining equipment. They may specify the ground support systems, processes and equipment for safe, economical and environmentally-sound extraction. They may also inspect areas for unsafe geological conditions, equipment or working conditions.

Mining engineers interact with technicians, technologists, surveyors and other on-site personnel, as well as vendors of mining equipment. They would typically report the progress of mine activities or other issues that would impact the strategic objectives of their organization to management.

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