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Oil and Gas Transportation Operator

Job Overview

The dashboard of your vehicle is your office. Your brainpower and problem-solving skills begin well before you hit the road and well after. Not only do you operate a variety of specialized trucks, wide loads and heavy haulers to transport oil and gas equipment, but you use your mechanical skills to manage and operate that equipment.

Oil and gas transportation operators transport equipment, liquid and gas products and other supplies that are used in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas.

Oil and gas transportation operators include drivers of special purpose trucks and shunters that move trailers to and from loading docks within trucking yards or lots. In addition to transport trucks, oil and gas transportation operators operate specialized truck equipment designed for the oil and gas industry. The typical roles in this occupation include:

  • Bed truck operators operate trucks designed with a flat deck, winch and pulleys that move rig buildings, derricks, matting and other oilfield equipment. They operate crawler-tractors equipped with large front blades to move obstacles and back rippers to tear up terrain. They also clear and level dirt, sand, rock and gravel on construction and mining sites.
  • Bulk haul truck operators operate trucks with a vessel or tank used to transport liquid, natural gas products, dry bulk commodities (e.g., cement) and other supplies.
  • Multi-wheel truck operators operate multi-wheel trucks consisting of a truck and trailer that are used primarily for over-weight loads or loads requiring permits.
  • Winch tractor operators operate winch tractors, heavy-duty trucks outfitted with a winch. Winches are used to load and unload rig loads onto trailers without the use of cranes. They are also used to transport loads requiring permits.

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