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Petroleum Geochemist

Job Overview

As a petroleum geochemist, you are something of a rock star often sought after for adding an additional layer of expertise and insight. You help an oil and gas company understand exactly what is going on underground – where the petroleum originates, how it moves and where is it pooling. This kind of analysis is key when making a decision about exploration, drilling and production.

Petroleum geochemists study the origins of petroleum, how it migrates and where it pools or accumulates. They analyze oil, natural gas, sediment, source rock and water to support decisions on exploration activities, drilling and production, as well as on waste disposal, land reclamation and other environmental matters.

They may also conduct research on organic geochemistry (the study of the impacts and processes that organisms have had on the earth) and petroleum geology (the study of origin, occurrence, movement, accumulation and exploration of hydrocarbon fuels), which can involve presenting their findings in technical research reports, journals and presentations.

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