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Drilling Fluids Representative

Job Overview

Drilling fluids are your focus in this role. Your mastery of mud, math, motion and molecules allows oil and gas wells to function safely and efficiently. Your job is to ensure that the drilling fluids used in a well are the best ones for the operation!

Drilling fluids representatives work alongside the drilling crew to ensure that the drilling fluid used on a well site meets required specifications for the type of well in development and is compatible with the formations being drilled. They also provide guidance in the event of issues.

Drilling fluids representatives ensure that the proper materials are supplied as needed. They may be required to undertake the activities of an on-site drilling fluids specialist, which requires strong knowledge of drilling fluids and their properties. This occupation is commonly referred to as the mud man.

Drilling fluids representatives test fluids throughout an operation to ensure compliance with specifications, and maintain and calibrate the necessary test equipment. They advise crews on the safe handling and use of drilling fluids and provide expert advice on the proper disposal of waste fluids. They may also coordinate with solids control technicians to ensure that drilling fluids are being properly cleaned for re-use.

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