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Wellsite Geologist

Job Overview

You may rock at this career. You bring deep knowledge about the rocks and underground conditions that influence how a well is drilled and how it will produce. The job of the wellsite geologist is to use data to guide drillers through hundreds of metres of earth and rock and to help obtain the highest production levels possible from a reservoir.

Wellsite geologists supervise every stage of the drilling process to extract oil and natural gas from deep underground. They study and analyze rocks from oil and natural gas wells in order to direct the drilling, and identify the rock formation into which they are drilling. They use specialized tests such as petrographic analysis, rock-cutting data, wireline data, core samples and other measures to accomplish this work. Wellsite geologists document results from drilling activities, analyze and evaluate this information in order to inform the development/reservoir geologist about the status of drilling activities. The wellsite geologist is responsible for executing a drilling plan, provided by the development/reservoir geologist, and making real-time decisions.

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