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  • NOCs #75110, #75119

Pipeline Transportation Labourer

Job Overview

You play a role in constructing pipelines across the country. You provide the manual labour assistance to tradespeople for the preparation, construction and post-construction phases of a pipeline project. When it comes to getting pipelines built, you roll up your sleeves and do some of the heavy lifting.

Pipeline transportation labourers are members of a crew(s) comprised of tradespersons, operators and labourers. Typical roles include the following:

  • Pre-construction workers remove obstructions from a pipeline right-of-way. They create a uniform grade so that equipment and trucks can maneuver the right-of-way easily. They also excavate trenches on the right-of-way for pipe placement and help place the pipe end-to-end in preparation for welding.
  • Construction workers assist in bending the pipe to fit with land contours. They help to position and align pipe for welding. They also apply primer, protective coating and final wrapping on the pipe.
  • Post-construction workers cover the pipeline with topsoil that was previously removed and ensure the right-of-way is returned to its original state.
  • Maintenance/terminal/station workers assist in preventive maintenance, repair and upgrading of pipelines, pumping stations and pipeline facilities/oil tank farms.
  • Line walkers patrol the pipeline on foot, horseback or other means to identify any leaks, washouts, breaks in joints or damaged communication infrastructure.

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