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  • Tubular Drill Pipe Inspector
  • NOC #8232

Tubular Drill Pipe Inspector

Job Overview

Drilling is a tough business, and the drill pipe that is used is under a lot of pressure as it burrows deeper and deeper into the ground. Tubular drill pipe inspectors keep a close eye on each piece of drill pipe to make sure that there are now defects, cracks or corrosion. Thanks to their keen eye, drilling operations can continue to safely operate.

On drilling rigs, the drill pipe used is subjected to cyclic stresses in tension, compression, torsion and bending, so its inspection is essential to detect defects related to manufacturing, handling, or drilling. Drill pipe and tubular inspectors detect defects such as corrosion, cracking, third-party damage or manufacturing flaws before these defects can cause serious damage.

Tubular or drill pipe inspectors operate specialized mechanical or electronic equipment such as ultrasonic testing (UT), electromagnetic inspection (EMI) and magnetic particle (MPI) to detect defects that are crucial to preventing downhole failures.

They are employed by drilling and well service contractors, exploration and production companies and well logging or testing companies and typically provide inspection services in conjunction with well drilling, completion or servicing.

Transferability information for this occupation is available on the Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers. 

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