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  • Power Engineering Technologist and Stationary Steam Engineer
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Power Engineering Technologist and Stationary Steam Engineer

Job Overview

At 100°C, water boils, releasing steam. With steam you can make power. Power to run generators, engines, you name it! The energy industry runs on power. And power engineering technologists—also known as stationary engineers or steam engineers— know how to harness steam to create energy. Power engineering technologists keep power plants, oil upgraders and refineries running. Can you take the heat and handle the pressure? This career may be for you.

Power engineering technologists and stationary/steam engineers operate and maintain reactors, steam and gas turbines, boilers, generators, stationary gas and diesel internal combustion engines, auxiliary equipment or controls related to generating electrical power. In the energy industry, any plant or facility that operates using pressurized equipment will require their operators to have a power engineering certification. This includes gas plant operations, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operations, mining extraction operations, upgrading operations, co-generation/utilities, oilfield waste management plants etc. The responsibilities of these operators vary based on the class of certification a worker carries (e.g., 3rd Class certificate).

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