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  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Specialist
  • NOC #8232

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Specialist

Job Overview

You act as a guide. As a measurement while drilling specialist, you ensure the drilling of an oil or natural gas well stays on target. You measure the incline of the drill, the depth of the drill and the azimuth, or direction, of the drill to develop a three-dimensional plot of a wellbore. You provide real-time data during the drilling operation, allowing Directional Drillers to properly steer a drill. Interested? Then let’s drill down further.

Measurement while drilling (MWD) specialists collect and interpret data that measures the trajectory of a horizontal oil or gas well as it is being drilled. Information provided by MWD specialists provides decision-making support and allows directional drillers to steer the drilling operation and conform to a drilling plan.

MWD specialists must be able to lift the MWD tool, safely rig in and operate the equipment, perform day-to-day inspections, servicing and maintenance of equipment, and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time.

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