Are you in a career transition? An evolving industry requires new skills. 

Canada’s oil and gas industry is evolving; it’s innovating and adopting new technologies to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity and reduce its environmental footprint. As new sectors emerge within the industry, re-deploying workers to areas of increasing activity becomes necessary, presenting new opportunities for skilled workers. 

The challenge and the opportunity 

A skills mismatch is developing in Canada’s oil and gas industry due to changes in the workforce, technology, regulations and processes. Services and technology sectors are emerging to support the energy industry’s evolution, while job losses as a result of the downturn have created a pool of highly specialized, educated and skilled workers searching for opportunities. 

Industry is accelerating the use of digitization and automation to improve efficiency, increase safety, manage costs and enhance environmental performance. It is transforming workforce requirements and driving the need for different skills and creating new roles. The greatest opportunity for unemployed/under-employed oil and gas workers to gain employment is to understand their transferability and skill set. 

As organizations react to hiring challenges and skill shortages and begin to search the available talent pool for desirable candidates, knowledgeable workers with transferrable skills will have the advantage. To be successful in the marketplace, unemployed/under-employed workers need to explore ways to redirect their careers into emerging occupations, re-skill and re-train to match new job requirements, react to different work arrangements and learn to navigate the broader energy sector. 

Connecting employers to skilled workers: how you can help untap Alberta’s talent in 10 minutes 

To ensure the development of a sustainable, skilled and productive workforce, PetroLMI is collecting data on the talent available. We created a survey to provide industry, recruiters and employers a geographic breakdown of untapped talent and an understanding of the transferability of skills across sectors. All workers employed in the energy industry are encouraged to participate in the survey. The information gathered will demonstrate to employers with job opportunities that many of the skills they need are available within the current talent pool. 

It takes only 10 minutes to uptap your talent. Take the survey now. 

The resource

PetroLMI, has developed an energy career transition and employment resource to bridge the gap for employers, recruiters and workers with funding from the Province of Alberta, working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services. The tool on evaluates workers’ potential for transferability to new industry sectors and rates the extent of occupational transition needed (i.e., knowledge or skill upgrading) to successfully re-deploy to a variety of emerging career options. 

The tool also provides employers and recruiters with insight into the available talent pool in Alberta and workers’ potential transferability to address their specific hiring needs. 

Alberta’s energy sector is rapidly evolving, and workers, recruiters and employers need to keep pace with change. Take the next steps towards a new and vibrant career. Explore the transferability of oil and gas skills, knowledge and experience across a sampling of occupations and industry sectors and link your skillset to your next career opportunity on  

The news you need to know

Connect with the Energy Career Transition and Employment team on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the most recent news, research and events. 

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