While an Offshore Installation Manager isn’t quite a captain, and an offshore rig isn’t quite a ship, they’re still the one guiding the rig’s progress, even if it doesn’t move an inch. Managing the safety of their workers and the efficiency of their equipment, an Offshore Installation Manager sets a rig’s production course and maintains it every day.

What a typical day looks like:

The Offshore Installation Manager is completely in charge of the rig, the drilling crews, the equipment and the overall drilling operation. That means they’re the main touchpoint for two groups: the workers on the rig and the clients onshore who need to know how operations are proceeding.

As the supervisor of workers drilling for oil and gas, operating service rigs or providing oil and gas well services, an Offshore Installation Manager keeps a close eye on everything. They inspect work, equipment, and construction sites to ensure that specifications are met and everyone is working safe. Sometimes that can mean trying to improve production methods, but it can also involve creating motivational plans to help a crew work together more efficiently.

Offshore Installation Managers also prepare production reports and other updates for senior management. Like requisitioning materials and supplies, it’s in this work that they connect their offshore rig to the world onshore.

The kinds of problems Offshore Installation Manager solve at work:

Offshore Installation Managers come to their positions after extensive careers in the offshore oil and gas industry. That puts them in an ideal position to not only resolve problems as they arise, but also to recommend measures that improve productivity and safety. An Offshore Installation Manager wouldn’t just identify an unsafe practice and correct it — they could implement safety procedures for every worker on the rig before an incident even takes place.

Skills used most on the job:

Offshore Installation Managers are leaders who need to be as comfortable with an offshore operation’s technical elements as they are with its human elements. They’re technicians, leaders and even educators.

Every ship needs a captain. Every offshore rig needs an Offshore Installation Manager.


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