PetroLMI, a Division of Energy Safety Canada, has launched Careers in Energy, an enhanced, interactive website. The site provides research, tools and resources for workers, employers, educators and career advisors to support the development of a resilient, adaptable and skilled workforce across Canada’s evolving energy industry.

The website, developed in partnership with the Future Skills Centre, has transformed PetroLMI’s former Careers in Oil and Gas website to include a broader focus on Canada’s changing energy landscape. The site provides the latest research on growing opportunities in emerging sectors and a new approach to mapping out a career in energy. In addition, PetroLMI has developed a guide for visitors to understand the career possibilities to change from one energy industry sector to another. The website also includes the latest data and workforce trends and profiles of more than 170 occupations across the sector. 

The energy sector is evolving. From the types of energy Canada produces to the technologies being used and the skills needed, it is a dynamic industry to be a part of. This new website provides workers with a unique combination of technology, information and resources to assist with career planning no matter what sector of the industry they choose to transition into

Carol Howes, Vice President Communications and PetroLMI, Energy Safety Canada

As part of a two-year project with the Future Skills Centre, PetroLMI is also expanding its library of virtual reality experiences focused on the oil and natural gas industry to include VR experiences on emerging energy sectors: cleantech, digitization and automation, industrial construction, petrochemicals and renewables. The first of five new experiences, a tour of a petrochemicals facility, is now available on Oculus Quest. 

On the Careers in Energy website, career seekers can explore and compare the qualifications, skills and experience needed for specific roles in energy, while learning about the nature of the work for each role, the work environment and the benefits available across the different energy sectors.

This website helps to explain Canada’s diverse energy industry in a fresh and easily understandable way through a series of videos, real worker stories, virtual reality tours and occupational profiles


In addition, Careers in Energy provides employers and career advisors with insights into how oil and natural gas workers can leverage their skills and experience to meet the need for talent in emerging or growing energy sectors.

The Skills Match – The Energy Fit project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre. The goal of the project is to explore an innovative approach to career change. 

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