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Offshore Oil and Gas Marine Specialist

Job Overview

You combine your oil and gas expertise with your respect for the ocean. You support safe and efficient operations of oil and gas activities out at sea. If the offshore life is for you, then get on deck!

Offshore oil and gas marine specialists include a variety of roles. In general, this occupation supports the safe and efficient operation of offshore exploration and production activities. Some of the roles include:
>Ballast control operators typically operate semi-submersible vessels (a common offshore drilling structure). They are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the vessel’s stability as it shifts during operations such as when loading cargo.
>Marine diving specialists are expert scuba divers. These specialists are flown in for work, such as conducting subsea construction, underwater surveying or searches, and salvaging, recovering and cleaning up operations.
>Dynamic positioning operators operate the Dynamic Position (DP) system, which controls the engines and thrusters on a vessel. They monitor various instrumentation and conduct function tests to ensure all equipment is working. These operators also observe weather, wind and sea conditions, as well as loads coming on to the vessel.
>Marine seismic observers conduct seismic testing to determine the best drilling location. They also oversee and direct the work of the seismic crew.
>Radio communications specialists monitor and operate marine, aeronautical and ship-to-shore communications. They are responsible for receiving calls through marine radio and satellite phone.

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