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Marine Deck Officer and Crew

Job Overview

All hands on deck! As a marine deck officer or crew member in offshore drilling, you may be required to help with activities such as rigging and storing cargo handling gear. For the most part, your job is focused on the navigation, safety and regulatory compliance of the marine vessel. Does nautical life call to you? Then get onboard!

Marine deck officers are certified crew members who are responsible for the safe navigation of a marine vessel and coordination of all vessel operations. This includes cargo loading and discharging, working with equipment maintenance systems, documentation control, vessel security, supervision of marine non-certified crew members, and maintenance and operation of safety equipment.

Deck officers include the following:

  • Masters or Captains guide, pilot, maintain and navigate the marine vessel. They are responsible for the safety of all crew members and work closely with the chief engineer, chief officer and other supervisors on the vessel.
  • Chief mates or first mates supervise the deck crew and oversee mooring, ballast control, loading and unloading, as well as night watch activities.
  • Second mates or officers of the watch maintain watch of the vessel’s control systems.
  • Third mates or officers of the watch maintain watch and ensure the safety of the vessel and crew.

Marine deck crew are non-certified crew members and conduct activities such as bridge helmsmen and lookout, general cleaning and maintenance duties, and maintenance and operation of safety equipment.

A Marine Deck Crew includes:

– Boatswains supervise deckhands and maintain all internal and external equipment on the vessel.
– Deckhands do a variety of maintenance jobs on the vessel.

The roles required on a vessel depend on its size, complexity and type. Some vessels may have jobs that are very specialized, others may be more generalized in nature.

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