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  • NOCs #7532, #2274

Marine Engine Room Crew

Job Overview

When it comes to offshore oil and gas exploration and operations, you are a key member of a crew that keeps the equipment humming on ships and marine vessels. You operate and maintain equipment and operations that keeps the ship or vessel functioning – engines, boilers, deck machinery, electrical, sanitary and refrigeration equipment. Much of the equipment is integral to the safety of the vessel. You rise to the challenge like an ocean at high tide.

A marine engine room crew is made up certified and non-certified crew members who are responsible for maintaining the mechanical operations of offshore vessels.

A certified crew consists of a chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer and marine engineer trainee. Responsibilities increase as one progresses from trainee to chief engineer. This crew operates, troubleshoots and monitors all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, refrigeration, water treatment and propulsion systems on the vessel. They also keep watch on deck.

A non-certified crew consists of junior engineers, pumpmen, oilers and wipers. Their duties include basic maintenance and operation, such as keeping all equipment lubricated and clean.

The number and variety of certified and non-certified engineering jobs aboard a vessel will depend on its type, size and complexity.

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