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Vibe Technician

Job Overview

You bring good vibes to the work site. Specifically, you keep the vibration equipment functioning so companies can conduct seismic surveying in the exploration of oil and gas. Because of your expertise, the equipment effectively bounces sound waves or vibrations off underground rock formations to capture data with recording sensors. This helps determine the location and the size of oil and gas reservoirs under the earth’s surface. If this shakes your interest, you might look into becoming a vibe technician.

A vibe technician’s primary role is to ensure the proper functioning of the seismic crew’s fleet of vibrator energy source systems by performing required checks, maintenance and repairs on electrical and mechanical support units. They also record all repairs and damages. The vibe technician ensures daily maintenance is performed and conducts inspections on wireless and vibe data equipment. They are also responsible for the inventory of parts for the vibrating units. They interact with all members of the seismic crew as well as geoscience professionals who analyze the vibe data.

Transferability information for this occupation is available on the Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers

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