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Seismic Labourer

Job Overview

You are an adventurer of the energy industry. You often hike mountains and traverse countryside as part of a specialized crew responsible for collecting the geophysical data used in exploration. You’re physically fit and you like nature and travel; this is your world.

Seismic labourers assist in various aspects in the four phases of seismic operations: surveying, line clearing, seismic drilling and data acquisition and recording. They are also instrumental in supporting more specialized positions on the crews. This occupation is considered an entry-level position. Seismic labourers often develop on-the-job skills and are provided training that allows for movement into higher skilled or more responsible positions.

The typical roles in this occupation include:

  • Chainer’s assistants help measure, map and locate drilling locations.
  • Surveyor’s assistants help collect and process survey readings.
  • Locator’s assistants help find and document all buried utilities.
  • Packers clear debris from seismic lines and help move equipment.
  • Driller’s helpers assist with drilling holes and placing charges.
  • Lineworkers place, remove, load and unload all seismic recording equipment.

Transferability information for this occupation is available on the Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers.

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