• Business and Operations Support
  • Asset Integrity Officer
  • NOCs #0125, #0912

Asset Integrity Officer

Job Overview

Failure is not an option for Asset Integrity Officers. They watch over their company’s long list of assets to make sure everything is working as it should, properly maintained and safe for use.

Managing for the integrity and reliability of assets such as pipelines, pressure equipment, tanks and infrastructure is critical for companies. Maintaining the integrity of process equipment means preventing and minimizing spills and loss of pressure containment.

Using a risk-based management approach, the Asset Integrity Manager leads a team of specialists to ensure risks are identified, assessed, and action plans are put in place to prevent failures and incidents. Programs typically include inspections, evaluations, monitoring and mitigation strategies to protect people, the environment and the integrity of assets.

The Asset Integrity Manager is a senior leader and typically comes from an engineering background with years of experience in operations. They work with and direct a team of specialized asset integrity inspectors, engineers and specialists.

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