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Technology Architect

Job Overview

Much like a skyscraper architect plans, designs and reviews the construction of the building, a technology architect plans, designs and reviews the technology structure for their company. They pay attention to the details and make sure that the technology framework is put together piece by piece.

The energy industry is complex, using a variety of sophisticated information technologies to extract, process, transport and market its products. The technology architect is responsible for coming up with the high-level or overarching technology solutions for their companies. A core focus of an architecture role is to streamline environments and create principles for technology roadmaps into the future to ensure various technologies are integrated, or knitted, together.

The technology architect occupation may specialize in any of the following roles required inside oil and gas companies:

  • Solution architects tasked with developing solutions to specific business problems
  • Domain architects who cover business, application, data/information and infrastructure areas
  • Enterprise architects who address all-encompassing or over-all organizational domain issues
  • Specialized roles such as cloud architects, who manage an organizations’ cloud computing network and strategy

Technology architects typically work in information technology teams within larger corporations.

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