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  • Contract Manager and Negotiation Specialist
  • NOC #1225

Contract Manager and Negotiation Specialist

Job Overview

Energy companies are complex businesses and their relationships with other businesses such as suppliers are overseen by specialists in understanding and executing contracts. A contract manager is typically in charge of ensuring the contracts the company enters into meet the needs, the business priorities and corporate values of the company. Within larger teams, a contract negotiation specialist is primarily charged with negotiating the actual terms of the specific contracts. Depending on the size of company, these two roles may be undertaken by a single contract manager.

These contract specialists work within business units to understand the organizational needs that a contract must meet. They typically are responsible for planning, implementing and administration of major contract awards, from developing the contracting plan and managing the contract management life cycle, to mitigating risks, awarding contracts, claim management and contract closeout.

Contract specialists typically work with project teams such as supply chain/logistics, or business units such as major projects.

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