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Control Centre Operator

Job Overview

So much power…so much control! You are responsible for a plant of tanks, pipes and towers that transform oil and natural gas into usable products, such as lubricants and butane. Or, you control the pipelines transporting these products to market. You know what’s flowing in, what’s flowing out and the processes in between. Using sophisticated instruments and systems, you monitor the plant or pipeline remotely and make key decisions to ensure it operates safely and efficiently.

Control centre operators are responsible for the safe and reliable operation of processing plants and pipelines. In a processing plant, control centre operators monitor and control the operation of its processing units using a distributive control system (DCS) typically located within the plant. They are experienced operators, making key decisions on adjustments to processing units, as well as overseeing other operators within the facility. Control centre operators also provide the initial response to an emergency situation or evacuation, and oversee the start-up or shut down of a plant or one of its units.

In the pipeline sector of the industry, control centre operators control pipeline activity from a centralized control room. They must have a solid understanding of the integrated processes and systems required for the transportation of products, as well as the product’s inherent characteristics and customer specification. Control centre operators often are the first to detect any potential operational issues and work closely with operations and maintenance staff to avert any problems or issues.

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