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Environmental Engineer

Job Overview

Critical issues regarding sanitation, filtration systems, climate change, wastewater and land use are always being discussed and resolved in the energy industry. How can we recycle more water, reduce air emissions or reclaim a tailings pond? If you are a big thinker and you want to be a part of the solution, environmental engineering may be the career for you.

Environmental engineers plan, design and supervise a variety of activities and processes to prevent, control or remediate potential environmental impacts. They can specialize in a specific area such as air, water or waste management. Environmental auditing, testing and regulatory compliance/reporting are key activities in this role. Work may include water and waste treatment, site investigation and remediation where environmental site assessments are completed, and pollution control. They participate in or lead regulatory processes, such as environmental impact assessments, that review facilities or field operations to ensure compliance with government regulations and permitting conditions.

Environmental engineers interact with a broad set of internal and external stakeholders. They liaise with regulatory agents, contractors and internal staff to ensure activities meet environmental objectives or requirements.

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