• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Reclamation Specialist
  • NOC #21300

Reclamation Specialist

Job Overview

For most people working in the energy industry, work is what’s right in front of you. But for reclamation specialists, the important part is what happens after all of that activity is done. When the workers and equipment have finally left the worksite for good, it’s a reclamation specialist’s job to make sure it’s returned to the state in which it was found.

Reclamation specialists are included in the life cycle of planning for energy activity, beginning with environmental assessment base-line work where they develop plans to reclaim or restore areas before activities receive regulator approvals to begin. During drilling, mining or other activities, these specialists are involved in monitoring and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. When an area is no longer needed for operations, they work to reclaim these disturbed areas. They plan or develop coordinated practices for soil erosion control, soil or water conservation, wildlife conservation and/or land use.

Reclamation specialists typically work in Environment, Health and Safety teams with planning departments and may specialize in a particular area such as soil, watershed or wildlife conservation. With seniority, these specialists move from executing tactics in reclamation plans into planning and management of reclamation.

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