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Non-Destructive Tester and Inspection Technician

Job Overview

Adding force to a piece of equipment until it breaks certainly helps you to understand its strength – but it’s impractical and expensive, especially when you’re testing pipelines already buried underground. As a non-destructive tester, you use a variety of tests, tools and techniques to determine the integrity of a material or component without causing damage. Are you curious by nature? Do you like finding creative solutions to problems? If this sounds like you, you may want to learn more about becoming a non-destructive tester.

Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians conduct tests that provide information about the condition of materials and components (without destroying them) to determine defects and faults, and ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards. They operate radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and similar testing equipment to detect defects. They interact with other related trades and equipment operators. Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians use advanced sensing and imaging equipment such as X-rays, microscopes, thermometers, oscilloscopes and radiation detectors. They may also use analytical or scientific software.

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