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Power Tong Operator

Job Overview

You’re the one with the power – the power tongs, that is. You control the equipment that threads sections of drill casing to form the pipe that is placed hundreds of metres into the ground. When you arrive at site, the rig crew knows it’s time to get to work. Your strength and dexterity serve you well in this occupation.

Power tong operators control the equipment that threads sections of drill casing into the wellbore. As a member of the oilfield well services team, they are responsible for operating power tongs, torque measuring equipment and tube/casing handling equipment at the well site. Casing is required to maintain an oil or gas well’s structural integrity, prevent the cross-contamination of water with other fluids and control well pressure during the drilling, production and maintenance of the well. Power tong operators must be able to transport equipment to and from the well location, safely rig in and operate the equipment, perform day-to-day inspections, servicing and maintenance of equipment, and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time.

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