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Job Overview

Ready to test your metal? How about your mettle? As a welder, you take pride in your craft, skillfully fusing metal parts together – a vital function when it comes to energy-related construction, operations or maintenance projects. If you’re skilled with your hands, mathematically minded, and detail-oriented, perhaps you’re meant to melt some metal and pursue a career in welding.

Welders work with tools such as blow torches and hand-welding and flame-cutting equipment to join metal components or to fill holes, indentations or seams of fabricated metal products. They may be required to use advanced digital tools for some high precision work.

Safety is a significant part of the job as working with heat and open flames can present hazards. Additionally, much depends on the quality of welding. A poor weld can present a significant safety and/or environmental issue. To ensure the quality of a weld, welders often check it via x-ray, pressure-testing and other methods.

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