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  • NOC #72203

Electrical Powerline and Cable Worker

Job Overview

You have climbed to the top of your trade. Literally. You can be seen scaling the tall power line poles that bring power to industrial facilities. The opposite is also true. Sometimes, you can be found crouched in confined spaces, such as trenches and tunnels, installing power lines, cables and other equipment. During the construction of energy facilities and pipelines, you ensure their significant power requirements are met. Are you charged up to play a part?

Electrical powerline and cable workers work with crew members from other professions, such as electricians, to construct, maintain and repair the overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems that make up the electrical power grid. During the construction of energy facilities and pipelines, these workers ensure the significant power requirements of these projects are met.

Whether scaling power line poles or crouching in confined spaces, electrical powerline and cable workers place a high value on personal safety and the safety of those around them. They spend a great deal of time outdoors and travel to remote parts of the country, sometimes by helicopter, where power generation plants and new facilities are located.

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