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Canada’s energy industry is undergoing rapid innovation and is transforming and diversifying at a pace never seen before. To address gaps in targeted skills and workforce requirements, Lighthouse Labs and Careers in Energy have partnered to offer digital reskilling and upskilling training programs. These programs will help participants enter or expand their opportunities for a more digitized energy industry.

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Reskill or upskill with these fully funded digital technology training programs

Digital bootcamps: 12 weeks | full-time

  • Cyber security bootcamp. An accelerated training program that provides participants ⁠with little to no⁠ IT background with the practical skills needed to land a role in cyber security in the energy industry.
  • Data science bootcamp. From navigating data science tools, libraries and work flows to machine learning and beyond, each completed program module provides you with skills to grow your career in data science.
  • Web development bootcamp. There’s so much more to software development than just learning how to code. This program curriculum is focuses on Lighthouse Lab’s three pillars of knowledge in software development — application development, computer science and software engineering principals.

Digital learning introduction courses: 6 weeks | part-time

  • Introduction to data analytics. Participants will “dig into the data”, learn how to build data-driven strategies for success, and develop a skill set that prepares them for data analysis roles in the energy industry.
  • Introduction to web development. Learn about the different web languages, discover how a browser understands a web page, acquire skills in programming, and create your own web application to deploy on the web.

Training for employers: duration 8 hours

  • Cyber security training for HR. Employers learn how to provide their employees with the understanding and skills to protect themselves against cyber threats and reduce risk company-wide.

Participation in these programs is FREE, with registration fully funded through the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program.

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Lighthouse Labs is a national private career college equipping individuals with the digital skills and industry knowledge required to secure lasting careers in the Canadian labour market.

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