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Pipeline Scheduler

Job Overview

Every year, trillions of cubic feet of natural gas liquids and billions of barrels of crude oil flow through Canada’s pipeline system. Pipeline schedulers are the ones tasked with making sure that every unit is accounted for, arriving at their destinations when they’re expected.

Oil and gas products can vary widely. For example, ethane, propane, butane and pentanes are extracted from natural gas liquids. Dilbit, Synbit and Synthetic Crude are three different crude oil blends derived from the bitumen of Canada’s oil sands. All these products are moved primarily by pipeline, with some rail and truck transportation. The role of the pipeline scheduler is to plan and schedule this oil, gas or refined product distribution to designated pipeline systems, in order to be delivered to various markets around the world. Pipeline schedulers analyze storage levels and adjust shipping schedules to meet marketing agreements. Pipeline schedulers are often required to reconcile invoices and delivery confirmations with shippers, distributors and end-users. They work closely with supply chain/logistic departments, marketing and facilities or production departments to ensure the right product is in the right pipeline, at the agreed-to-costs and on the correct timeframe for delivery.

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