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  • NOC #1225

Purchasing Agent

Job Overview

Everybody needs something, and the people who can get them what they need are often just as valuable. In the energy industry, companies need three main things: materials, equipment and services. The people who can get them those things are purchasing agents.

Purchasing agents buy goods, materials, supplies and services and ensure that they are of the quantity, quality, price and availability required by their organization. Purchasing agents typically work within a Supply Chain Management group to support procurement requirements of materials, equipment and services for a specific business area or project. As purchasing agents move up in seniority, their responsibilities change from the day-to-day purchasing activities to strategic purchasing, sourcing decisions and policy development.

In general, a purchasing agent manages the procurement process and negotiates and drafts contracts or agreements for needed supplies. They build out purchasing and delivery schedules. Attention to detail is vital in this role, as following up to ensure the quality of the supplies, consistency and compliance with terms and conditions of the contracts are a key component of the purchasing agent’s role.

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