• Business and Operations Support
  • Scheduler
  • NOCs #13201, #1215


Job Overview

Energy operations can be complex and require significant planning and organizing to ensure work is done safely and in a logical sequence, considering time and budgets. The scheduler is a senior role responsible for developing, maintaining and delivering an integrated schedule that fosters safe, reliable and efficient execution of work. Often schedulers specialize in specific areas. These may include:

  • Project scheduler: responsible for developing strategic approaches and planning, scheduling work and the flow of materials as well as maintaining and adapting the schedule, up to the point of completion and close-out of a project. In oil and gas, projects can be extremely large, bridging over many years and costing multi-millions of dollars.
  • Production scheduler: responsible for workflow and materials required to produce a product, which typically includes developing overarching plans and schedules that align various departments within a company.
  • Turnaround scheduler: responsible for developing, optimizing and progressing integrated schedules for turnarounds, which are planned shutdowns to allow for maintenance in large facilities such as upgraders and refineries.
  • Maintenance scheduler: responsible for the planning and scheduling of all routine maintenance activities in a mine, facility or another industrial undertaking.

Typically working within a team, a key element of a scheduler’s job is the ability to apply technical knowledge in a number of different areas (including engineering design and technology) to a broader project.

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