• Business and Operations Support
  • Scheduler
  • NOCs #13201, #1215


Job Overview

Schedulers are senior employees who are primarily responsible for creating, maintaining, and delivering an integrated schedule that facilitates secure, reliable, and efficient work execution through careful planning and organization to ensure safe, cost and time-efficient operations. Schedulers typically collaborate within a team, and a key aspect of their role is the application of technical knowledge across various departments, including engineering design and technology, to support the successful completion of broader projects.

Schedulers often specialize in specific areas, which can include:

  • Project scheduler: This role focuses on developing strategic approaches, planning, scheduling work, managing material flow, and adapting schedules throughout a project’s lifecycle, from initiation to completion. In sectors like oil and gas, projects can be massive, spanning several years and involving multi-million-dollar investments.
  • Production scheduler: In this capacity, professionals oversee workflow and material requirements for product manufacturing. They develop overarching plans and schedules that align various departments within a company, ensuring the seamless production process.
  • Turnaround scheduler: Turnarounds are planned shutdowns in large facilities like upgraders and refineries to facilitate maintenance. Turnaround schedulers are responsible for developing, optimizing, and progressing integrated schedules for these complex operations.
  • Maintenance scheduler: This role involves the planning and scheduling of routine maintenance activities within industrial settings, such as mines and facilities. Ensuring that maintenance tasks are efficiently scheduled and executed is a core responsibility.

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