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Business Development Manager

Job Overview

Business development managers help their companies reach new heights. They can make something out of nothing. They find new business opportunities, new markets, new partnerships, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings that will help business grow.

In the oil and natural gas industry, companies produce and sell a variety of products ranging from unrefined crude oil and gas to refined or end products, like propane, and refined products, like gasoline. Each of these products has unique development, marketing, transportation and pricing considerations. Business development managers are leaders who analyze markets and use their understanding of the business and product offerings to explore and develop opportunities to optimize profit for the company.

Business development managers recognize and create business opportunities. They are responsible for the establishment of organizational policies and procedures in relation to sales and strategic planning related to products and services. In large organizations in the exploration and production sub-sector, they often lead commercial activities through each stage of a project and are responsible for deliverables such as business optimization, mergers and acquisitions and organic growth opportunities. They also help identify issues that may derail business development opportunities and create strategies to mitigate these challenges.

In smaller organizations, particularly in the oil and natural gas services industry, business development managers are often responsible for generating sales of products or services to new clients as well as to maintain and grow existing client business.

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