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Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

Job Overview

As a heavy duty equipment mechanic, you repair, troubleshoot, adjust, overhaul and maintain mobile heavy duty equipment for energy-related construction and operations activities. It has been said that the amount of information a heavy duty equipment mechanic has to retain to inspect, diagnose and fix equipment resembles that of a doctor. Your brain is one of your most important tools as troubleshooting is a critical part of your day. As we live in an electronic world, you must also be comfortable with electronics and computers. You often diagnose equipment problems by plugging your laptop into the electronic control module (ECM) of a machine. You’ll be responsible to find the problem and resolve it. You also enjoy working with big mechanical systems, components and parts. For example, excavator shovels can wear out from use and require ongoing maintenance and repair.

Heavy duty equipment mechanics repair, troubleshoot, adjust, overhaul and maintain mobile heavy duty equipment for oil and gas-related construction and operations activities. They inspect equipment and machines to diagnose defects. They do preventative maintenance on industrial and construction vehicles such as bulldozers, graders and excavators. They might be required to have basic welding or soldering skills to make mechanical or electrical repairs. While heavy duty equipment mechanics mostly work on mobile equipment, they could also work on diesel motors, hydraulics, etc. that are found in plants and rigs. Working with a combination of heavy machinery, electronics and computers is expected as almost all highway or off-highway equipment have multiple electrical control systems.

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