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  • NOCs #93101, #13201

Pipeline Scheduler

Job Overview

Pipeline schedulers are responsible for ensuring that the vast volumes of oil and natural gas that are shipped by pipelines every year end up at their intended destination on time and accounted for.

Oil and natural gas pipelines are complex, interconnected systems that carry a wide variety of products such as natural gas and natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, butane and pentanes) as well as distinct oil blends of varying grades to facilities across Canada and into the United States. Pipeline schedulers conduct in-depth analyses of storage levels, adjusting shipping schedules to align with marketing agreements. Additionally, they are responsible for reconciling invoices and delivery confirmations with shippers, distributors, and end-users. They work alongside supply chain and logistics departments, marketing teams, and production facilities to guarantee that the right product is dispatched through the right pipeline, adhering to agreed-upon costs, and meeting precise delivery timelines at various facilities such as processing plants and refineries.

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