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Records Management Technician

Job Overview

Know someone who likes things neat and organized? Who helps people find the information they need? Then they may want to consider opening a file on a career as a records management technician. These individuals keep track of all the important documents that an energy company receives and creates a day.

Energy companies generate and receive a vast number of documents ranging from legal contracts and regulatory approvals to engineering drawings, maps and photos. All these records require filing and retrieval systems to ensure accurate and timely information is available to support business decisions.

Records management technicians set up, operate and maintain systems for collecting, classifying, retrieving and saving electronic and physical records. They support information management in their company by responding to access requests from across the organization. These technicians also protect critical documents from inappropriate access and dispose of data and information that is no longer required.

In large organizations, a records management technician may work within a team with responsibilities divided among several records and IT technicians. Senior technicians often become managers within the function. In smaller organizations, records management technicians may work alone and may be tasked with additional IT, data entry or administrative duties.

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