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  • Administrative Assistant
  • NOC #1241

Administrative Assistant

Job Overview

Behind every good Manager is a good Administrative Assistant. You look after day-to-day details, from answering phones to filing and organizing meetings. You keep the office or department and the people you work with running efficiently and on schedule. You are the go-to person for organizational tasks, recommendations and support. Do you like being organized? Do you like to be informed about what is happening in the office? Are you good at working with a variety of people? You may be have the skills to be an Administrative Assistant.

Duties may include maintaining file systems, coordinating schedules, preparing correspondence and presentations, handling confidential information, arranging conference calls, and preparing agendas and meeting minutes. Administrative Assistants interact with many others from different departments across an organization, as well as with clients, suppliers, executives and the public. Computers and office equipment such as photocopiers are their primary tools. Administrative Assistants often use accounting software, desktop and graphic software, database and enterprise management software.

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