• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stakeholder Relations Professional
  • NOCs #41403, #11202

Stakeholder Relations Professional

Job Overview

Stakeholder relations professionals play an important role in cultivating and maintaining relationships with key community stakeholders, Indigenous communities and interest groups that affect, or are affected by, industry activity. They are often responsible for the development and implementation of projects and plans that support a company’s social license to operate.

Specializations include:

  • Stakeholder relations and Indigenous relations advisors identify which stakeholder groups, such as Indigenous communities, should be engaged with, and to what extent, typically on a project-by-project basis. They execute engagement activities to obtain input and feedback on issues or concerns.
  • Socio-economic impact assessment specialists perform work to understand, evaluate and develop strategies to manage the economic, cultural and social impacts of industry activity on communities.
  • Investor relations specialists work proactively with key individuals and groups to ensure the company is optimally valued and resourced. They work at promoting the company and increasing shareholder value with investors.

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