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  • Environmental Manager
  • NOC #0212

Environmental Manager

Job Overview

Environmental managers want to be part of the solution. They work inside energy companies to ensure their company is not only following environmental regulations, but also consistently doing better each day. They work across the company to develop sustainable practices, standards and goals that will help make the company more environmentally friendly.

Energy companies take their responsibility towards environmental sustainability seriously, with departments and personnel dedicated to ensuring the work of the company aligns with corporate values of environmental stewardship. Environmental protections are regulated in Canada by provincial and federal regulators and meeting these requirements is essential for a company to operate. Many companies are proactive in their management of the environment, reporting publicly on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or sustainability programs.

Environmental managers provide leadership, accountability and direction in the environmental disciplines of their organizations. They work across the company, with a focus on systems thinking. They communicate and coordinate with management, employees, regulators and shareholders to address environmental compliance and oversee the corporate sustainability strategy. Their job is to integrate environmental knowledge, ethics and strategy into the company’s decision-making processes.

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