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Human Resources Advisor

Job Overview

You know what it takes to bring the vision of your company to reality – its people. Human resources advisors, like you, are needed in the competitive energy industry. You recruit the best people; you create and implement training, programs, procedures and policies to optimize their talent… and to make sure they are treated fairly.

Human resources (HR) advisors assist and advise employers with employee compensation, organizational development, change management, performance management, employee/leadership development, employee relations and possibly recruitment in smaller organizations. They evaluate, develop, and implement human resources programs and procedures to address issues such as organizational effectiveness.

HR advisors work with employees and potential candidates to negotiate employment terms and agreements, as well as undertake job evaluations. A key part of the role is to ensure that the company is complying with employment law and managing their employees appropriately. They utilize standard office equipment and software applications, as well as specialized human resources management applications. Depending on the employer, some travel to sites may be required.

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