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  • Investor Relations Professional
  • NOC #1123

Investor Relations Professional

Job Overview

Every company has a financial story to tell, and investor relations professionals are the storytellers. Publicly traded energy companies hire investor relations (IR) professionals to provide investors with an accurate account of company affairs. This helps private and institutional investors make informed decisions to buy or sell shares in the company. A company’s IR professionals also serve as a bridge for providing market intelligence to internal corporate management.

IR professionals communicate with investors, shareholders, government organizations and the overall financial community. They typically coordinate shareholder meetings and press conferences, releasing financial data, leading financial analyst briefings, publishing reports to Canadian securities regulators and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and handling the public side of any financial crisis. IR departments are required to be tightly integrated with a company’s accounting department, legal department and executive management team.

IR departments work closely with communications departments. IR professionals inform company personnel to avoid trading in black out periods, where it is illegal to discuss certain aspects of a company and its performance.

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